Sunday, July 24, 2005

I had coffee with an award-winning actress yesterday…

…and you saw this here first. Trina has won the best actress award in the Indian Competition section at Cinefan, for Nisshabd. She had an inkling that something was afoot when her director asked her to be at the venue before time but I don’t think she was quite prepared for this.

(Incidentally, Nisshabd also won the best film award, which was somewhat perplexing to many of us who saw it. But never mind that.)

Just returned from the closing ceremony where the awards were announced. Trina was looking a little dazed but I think she’ll survive the television-interview madness. “Don’t let this get to your head,” I told her sagaciously on the phone later, to which she replied that her principal concern was that she’d have to wear high heels to interviews/press conferences. Oh well, don’t let it get to your feet then – and congrats again!

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