Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Rage against the machine Part 2: Revenge of the Singh

Have spent most of the day trying to get through to Tata Indicom’s “helpline” numbers.

Progress thus far:

- 24 calls that began promisingly, with a computerised voice saying “This is Tata Indicom Customer Care” - but were then disconnected almost immediately.

- Got through to a human voice three times but each time the line was disconnected after exactly 12 seconds (or at exactly the point where I was saying the words “...need a cable for...”)

- Finally, an assertive message saying “You have called during non-working hours. Our working hours are 7 AM to 11 PM.” I made the call at 11.55 AM.

So this is what they mean by telecommunications. I’m cancelling my subscription now.

Another firsthand encounter with the Power of Blogging. Just 4-5 hours after I made those posts complaining about Tata Indicom, I got a call from a very polite public relations executive based in Mumbai, asking me for details of my “complaint” - the blog transcript had apparently been forwarded to her by a company official who trawls the Internet for this sort of thing. Next thing, the Delhi office calls up offering to send someone to my house to check the laptop and the phone and work out what cable I need. Should happen today. Oh well.


  1. Hmm... sorry about the stalkerish following of the Tata Indicom saga, but it hits close to home and all that.

    You do realise, that to cancel it, you need to physically drag your behind over to their office and/or fax some random stuff to them ?

    Im just planning on not using the phone and not paying them anything for about 2 months. Wait for them to come and take it away...

  2. That's cool, can always use a sympathizer during this difficult time.
    That's exactly how I'm planning to cancel it, only problem is that then I'll have to keep the goddamn instrument at home, cluttering up my room.

  3. Sigh, I was hoping for updates on the droopy guy. Sounds like fun. You must get him to blog.

  4. I think, you must get him home to blog. The more you meet him, the more his Elmer Fuddishness shall entertain us and depress you (or is that depress him further?)

    [As far as cable wallahs go, I am surprised. I know the connection was available till a few months ago in J Block.]

  5. Reminds me of Tekchand -- the almighty MTNL lineman of our area in whose good books you always had to belong in order to do some decent work that involved using either the telephone or the Internet. Thankfully we were able to escape from his chai-pani clutches when Bharti started providing services in our area. Since then it's been a smooth sailing.

    Might you try the GSM connection of your cell phone? Have never used it but the ones who did said it's fairly good.


  6. Jai...Tu ghabraa mat Jai. Your Calvin-twin Veeru is on his way. Blogger playing truant, not allowing him to post that damn thing. I have the grand daddy of all solutions...just wait.

  7. re: the power of blogging- impressive....

  8. Mein aa gaya Jai .. dekho mein tumhare liye duniya ka sabse tez internet lekar aaya hoon.

  9. A lobongolotika must be consumed in celebration.

  10. Amit, you resorted to Bong code words? What's a lobongolotika anyway ? Whatever it is, sounds good - like a cross between roshogolla and gulabjamun. I'll have 2kgs of it :p

  11. lobongolotika
    hmm, conjured up associations with a Pan Galactic GargleBlaster, actually...

    what is it, then?

  12. Lobongo-latika: sticky, syrupy and faintly baklava-like concoction made of layers of pastry folded and studded with cloves ("lobongo" equals cloves in Bangla). Eating this was a virtuous experience: despite the stickiness and the high sugar content, the cloves would make you feel like you'd brushed your teeth.
    You can do many things with lobongolatikas, but alas, you cannot connect to the Net with them.

  13. Lobongolotika is the sister of Prochondopolita.

    Um, no, it's what Hurree said it was, and is spelt that way as well, though phonetically I was on target. But, um, Hurree, what are the "many things" that can be done with it besides eating it and, um, you know?

  14. I'm being spammed by the intellectual brigade! From Bengali sweets to gigabytes...and I don't understand any of it. Don't know whether to be flattered or annoyed.

  15. Aufgrund der Tatsache, dass mein Laptop ist nicht die Alterung der High-Tech-Hardware-Komponenten wurde ich gezwungen zu kleineren Updates externe in Bereichen wie ein WLAN-Adapter an das Internet, ein Bluetooth-Dongle, eine externe Festplatte, Maus und Drucker üblich / Scanner / Kamera und den iPod-Verbindungen! All dies sowie die Tatsache, dass einer der beiden USB-Ports auf meinem Computer ist knackered bedeutete, dass ich zu kaufen, eine Plattform, die es erlaubt, mehrere Geräte für den Anschluß über das USB Switch <- fast identisch mit dem hier gezeigt.

    Nun, ich habe ihn neu gekauft, und ich bin nie ein Problem, bis ich dieses Gerät in meinem Laptop. Sobald ich mehr als eine Anfrage ausgeführt wird (zum Beispiel, wenn ich auf das Web, und ich fordere eine CD brennen oder Musik hören oder spielen Computerspiele), dann mein Computer einfach ausschalten. Bevor sie das tut, kann ich hören, der Lüfter verrückt, und es scheint, dass seine Überhitzung. Könnte es sein, das ist durch mein USB-Adapter (und ich denke, dass das, weil ich nie das Problem vor ?!)...