Saturday, April 16, 2005

A time to read

Need to get back to lit-blogging, which I haven’t been doing much of, what with the Swiss interlude and its persisting after-effects: I regularly have dreams now where watches of all shapes and designs come walking up to me on spindly metal legs, click their many hands together menacingly, pirouette to show off their fancy three-bridge tourbillons, purple sapphired casebacks and moon phase movements, and say (in horribly grating, metallic voices) things like “You’ll never read another book again” etc. It’s very scary.

But yes, after returning I have got back to reading, one step at a time. S J Perelman, Ira Levin, Murakami to start with. Blogs on some of these to follow soon.

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  1. Loved the post on sandy... and dint know where else to put the comment. :) any cats now?