Thursday, March 31, 2005

Switzer so far...

- Didn’t sleep a wink on the night flight – squashed between a flatulent Greek and a corporate upstart who went on for hours about how Lufthansa’s services couldn’t compare with Cathay Pacific’s (no, none of these was my marketing colleague, who had found himself a better seat elsewhere). My own increasing nervousness about planes, which I’ll blog about at great length when I’m ready for it, didn’t help. After 12-odd hours of travel, by the time we’d finally finished the airport formalities, I had the worst head/brain-ache I can remember. But then we had to up and go to Basel (by train from Zurich), a day before the fair officially began, for preliminary investigations.

- four hours of travel every day (one and a half hours by train plus half an hour by tram each way), which means getting up at 6 and returning to the hotel around 8.30 PM (assuming there isn’t a late night cocktail party we have to show our faces at). Before leaving, I told friends I wouldn’t have any time to look around so please annoy me not with questions about Switzerland. Now it turns out I probably won’t even have the time to pick up the chocolates I promised some of them.

- so how did I find time for this blog? Well, wrote it out on paper while sitting in the so-called Asian restaurant in the hotel and then blindly typed it out in 3 minutes in the media room the next day. That’s how dedicated I am (to blogging). That’s how lucky you are.

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  1. you've promised me some chocolates... you'd better get them!