Monday, March 21, 2005

Some more spleen

I’m most unrelentingly sociopathic at those times when, sitting at my computer, I become suddenly aware of sensations on the hairs along the back of my neck, and then realise that the person sitting behind me has swivelled his/her chair around and is gazing vacantly into my computer screen. There are some people who elect to do this when they have no work, or when they need a break. The intent isn’t voyeuristic - that would require a far greater sense of purpose than these people have - it comes from pure uselessness. These are the same people who look at you astonished if you happen to mention that a day should have 36 hours in it because there just isn’t enough time to do everything. They can’t relate to that at all. They have more hours in their lives than they know what to do with. Hours and days pass them by as they gaze vacantly. They don’t need to worry about all the books out there waiting to be read, the films waiting to be watched, the thoughts waiting to be thought. (And don’t even get me started on the people who sleep 10-11 hours each day. You’d be surprised how many of these I know. Working people.)

These are also, incidentally, the same people who’ll look at you indulgently if they find out you blog: the "how can you waste your time like that" look. So I’m hoping they don’t read blogs either.

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  1. "how can you waste your time like that"

    Never was a day, when I didn't encounter alteast one eye giving me that weary look.. :-)