Monday, March 28, 2005


...for the land of Switzer, with its creamy chocolates, cuddly cows, buxom milkmaids and dashing CEOs of watch companies. Yum yum. Will try to blog from the media centre at the exhibitions if there’s time, but be forewarned the posts will probably run along the following lines:

Every element of this timepiece is facinating ... the crown protection and bezel with its slanting ventilation shafts are inspired by braking discs. Wire loop lugs are soldered to the caseband, a screw case back and a winding crown sealed in the same way. The hand-wound movement is 16 lignes (equivalent to a little over 36 mm), a diameter typical of calibres produced for pocket-watches... the case of this watch is specially formed in the latest material, high in carbon fiber content, to ensure a combination of lightness and solidity. The dial is characterised by exceptional luminosity, achieved by marking the numerals and hands with a special mixture consisting of zinc sulphate, radium bromide and mesothorium.

Thinking of renaming this blog Jabberwatch for a couple of weeks.
Ta da for the next few days.


  1. Go ahead wocky, rename it. As for your swiss sojourn, only the adage make-hay-while-the-sun-shines springs up in my mind.

    Will definitely miss your blogs!!!

  2. Hahah, so is it like newspapers/mags need to assign reporters on the "watch" beat? Any special requirements to be a watch reporter? ;-)