Monday, October 18, 2004

Chennai Test, Day 4

What a day at the Chepauk! In this age of the Twenty-Twenty and the Super Max, it’s heartening to discover that one can be completely captivated by seven hours of Test cricket where a team as dynamic as Australia scores just 200-odd runs in 80-odd overs. I thought my days of following a cricket match ball by ball were long gone, but this was worth freezing everything else for.

Loved Damien Martyn’s batting. Loved the way Jason Gillespie stuck it out. Loved the confidence Michael Clarke showed in moving nimbly out of the crease from practically the first ball he faced, even though his team was still in trouble at the time. Loved the way McGrath swept Harbhajan for a single. And – though I hate to say it, since it portends ill for Australia – I even loved the dismissive way in which Sehwag packed the last ball of the day off to the boundary.

And now, it’s raining...

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  1. An Australian fan !?!?

    I really enjoyed the fourth day, and thought that I was the only one. I love test cricket for the strategising, and the tenacity and patience required. I think the mistake most top order batsmen have made in this series, so far, is that they just haven't left enough balls alone. I also love football for the combination of teamwork (doesnt get better than Arsenal, does it?) and individual brilliance.