Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Cat squad

Cerebral friend Amrita got to play Good Samaritan yesterday, a role unfamiliar to our Cynics’ Brigade -- but since the act in question was the rescue and restitution of a lost tom-cat to its home, she’s forgiven. (As a connoisseur of things feline Amrita is - a very distant - second only to your blogging host.) This cat showed up near the JNU hostel where she’s currently staying, demanding to be fed; closer inspection revealed a collar with an address around its neck. (Will wonders never cease! Like a story from the little town of Pithlochry making its way to our Delhi.)

Anyway, I warned A on the phone that the creature might have been deliberately off-loaded and so the owners would perhaps not wish to see it back. But she kept the cat-lovers’ faith, took an auto to the Panchshila Park address and later proudly reported how tears of joy were shed by all (except of course the Tom, who stayed stoical). She’s pretty sure they were tears of joy anyway. (To quote her SMS without permission: "The two kids and mom were totally crying with joy, and the cat looked somewhere between baffled and irritated with all the fuss. Also, the hostel guard had lured him into the loo with milk and locked him for 15 mins till collection, a very irked and bristly Tom yowling as a result.")

As the sage said, to err is human, to purr feline.

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