Monday, September 27, 2004

Brevity is the soul of nothing

When I started blogging, I kept telling myself to post short, snappy blogs rather than analytical, meandering ones. But having seen a number of other blogspots where the authors have written full-fledged articles, I’m veering to the opposite view. In fact, long as some of my recent posts have been, I realise now that they haven’t been long enough; I’m so preoccupied with dashing something off at one sitting and posting it immediately that a certain laziness has crept in. Many of the recent postings seem half-baked, like I haven’t given myself the time to put down everything I wanted to. Think I’ll start doing that henceforth.

After all, it’s not like the chief purpose of this blog is to be a diary; I already have one of those (hardcopy! paper! pen!), which I write dedicatedly each night, and which contains things of interest exclusively to myself. (Having said which, I’m now about to post a blog containing nothing that could possibly be of any interest to anyone else.)

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